About ATSS

ATSS-Active Total Security Systems through its Security Systems Integration Division provides Solutions for Time Attendnace Systems.

Quality is at the heart of our business-customers are our driving force, listening to your needs and requirements over many years has given us a unique insight into our business service process.

We invite you to join the hundreds of satisfied customers who have selected ATSS for their Security Systems needs. Our Success in this industry is after sales service which makes us stand apart from our competitors.

In a rapidly changing market with a stream of new technologies, the ATSS vision and mission reflects a business that is constantly forward thinking; assessing market trends, identifying new applications for existing technologies and the potential for new technologies. We listen to our customers, work closely with our supply partners and follow the market closely to ensure that we continue to deliver systems that combine performance, quality and value.

Our product portfolio ranges from stand alone, entry level products right through to sophisticated multi-application management systems. This includes a wide selection of controllers, readers, software systems and accessories, together with products developed for specific sector applications.

With every development that we bring to market, we ensure that our system building blocks are easy to set up and to use - making the complicated, easy. We aim to provide customers with the systems and support that allows them to keep pace with today's needs and tomorrow's challenges.

ATSS places the security and safety of our customers as our top priority. ATSS Security Integration's team of security professionals provides for the security and safety of our customers by designing, installing, servicing and integrating systems for our customers' special needs.